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Hounda Puppy

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Hounda Puppy 12 Kg
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Product Description

The Healthy Puppy Diet

- Formulated with highly-digestible protein sources.

- Enriched with Omega Fatty Acids and essential nutrients to nourish vital organs for life long health.

- Antioxidant-rich to help develop a strong immune system.


Protein 29%. Oil 10%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 7%, Vitamin A 12,000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 2,000iu/kg Vitamin E 110mg/kg, Copper as Cupric Sulphate 15mg/kg. Cereals (Rice min 4%, Maize min 4%, Barley min 4%, Wheat min 4%, Meat and animal derivatives (chicken min 4% total meat content 27%), vegetables, oils and fats, vitamins, minerals and natural antixodants.

Feeding Guidelines

Start with moistened Hounda Puppy as soon as he can nibble solid foods, generally round 3-4 weeks of age. Allow your puppy to eat at will until fully weaned. (between 6 - 8 weeks). After weaning, feed all of the moistened or dry Hounda Puppy he will consume at intervals throughout the day. If you add water, use no more than one part warm (not hot) water to four parts Hounda Puppy. Remember to change frequently to ensure fresness. If you are feeding dry then you can leave the food down all day, thus allowing the puppy to feed when he's hungry.